Sunday, September 5, 2010

Here is the Lay out of my project

This is a flow chart symmetric diagram of my project.....  everything is in sequence!!!.....

1. Wind turbine:

The purpose of wind turbine is to gain the energy from the air and convert it into Electrical energy. This is done by spinning the shaft of the turbine to produce current.

2. Charge controller:

The heart of this project is the charge controller, which is so callend the manager... it regulates the current and supply this to the battries at low current and high voltage to charge them.

3. Batteries:

As most of u know what does a battery is used for... all the batteries are connected in parallel and thus is called Battery Bank.

4. Inverter:

The last part is the inverter whose application is simple that it just converts the 12 volts to 220 volts to rum home appliances.... if ur batteries are 100AH then u might get a backup of 4~5 hours of free electricity!

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